Our mission is simple: we want to facilitate the workflow for the small and medium enterprises in order to be succesfull.


Our mission is simple: we want to facilitate the workflow for the small and medium enterprises in order to be succesfull.

We are doing this thing by giving our clients the right instruments to manage the relantionship with the clients, more exactly an automatic management of the sales process. Furthermore, you will find in MEMO CRM an efficient and user-friendly management software, having access from everywhere there is an internet connection. What you will not find in MEMO CRM, ambiguous sections, confuzed price plans and, also, none of the things which you don't need.

Opt in on a BASIC plan and test as long as you need it. With the BASIC plan, one has free access to 1000 of companies and/or contacts and up to 100 products or services. You can upgrade to the PROFESSIONAL plan if MEMO CRM suits your business and if you want to improve the workflow productivity within your team.


You can rapidly start

Even though you have been using tables in .xls documents until now, you shouldn't worry because you can easily import them in MEMO CRM directly from the app and get right to business.

All the information in one place

You can store in one place all the usefull pieces of information about your partners at MEMO CRM.

You can add contact information, notes and comments as a consequence of your previous discussion with your client or as a consequence of an emails, deals or invoices exchange.

All the relevant information about your partners are 1 click away. Furthermore, the search function helps you in finding a contact which you registered in MEMO CRM.

Easy to use

The sections and the connections from MEMO CRM are being connected through intuitive symbols so that the browsing is facile. Firstly, you can convince yourself by chosing the BASIC plan.

Acces from anywhere

Everything is in CLOUD and you can have acces from anywhere there is an internet connection on any device. You don't have to install any programme and you don't have to wait the synchronization. A simple LOG IN is enough and you can start doing your job.

You remember everything

You can set an alert or open a ticket at every contact or company in order not to lose important opportunities from the relationship with your clients.

You lose nothing

Any information which you gathered from your clients will be at hand in MEMO CRM even though it is from way back and even though the sales agent who was in charge with the client doesn't work in your company.

What is MEMO CRM?

MEMO CRM is the only follow-up system for the relantionships with the clients from Romania: complete, simple and easy-to-use. Efficiency, rapidity and the client-friendly way of managing the system are the reasons why the clients choose MEMO CRM. For more than 11 years, we have gathered pieces of information regarding the networking with business clients from Romania and all of that are to be found in this fully-equiped and easy-to-use system..

MEMO CRM is a built-in sales system and helps you in meeting the standards of your clients. You can control your company and the sales process even if the staff is in full-rotation.

Easy to use and accesible
The mechanism is simple: the pieces of information regarding the sales process are not lost, you can verify the work traceability and can communicate with your client in such a way to get to a common consent.
Checking in real time the sales process is another asset which we can offer to our clients because everything you write in MEMO CRM stays there. The sales process is getting shorter and shorter, having at your disposal centralized information in order to get to your clients retention by continuously tracking their needs.
Acces the list bellow and discover all the functions which MEMO CRM has.

Amazing Customer Service Department
The support we are giving you in using MEMO CRM is real, fast and valuable: by phone, e-mail or video-conference. We want that our client to have unlimited accesibility in each step of the sales process.

The main functions of MEMO CRM can be found bellow:


MEMO CRM offers instant and unlimited accesibility from every device having already the centralized information of your clients and your partners.
This matter allows checking in real time the sales process and improving it when errors appear.


The built-in sales system from MEMO CRM helps the company to reduce the sales process and makes it more efficient.
Having a clarity over these aspects, the user can focus, also, on the quality of the sales process.
Therefore, company's sales will have an organically and healthy growthin a modern system.


The safety of the information in the relationship with the company's clients is a very important aspect because only in this manner one can mantain a long-term collaboration.
Every note which is added in MEMO CRM can be accessed from any device by the responsible user without the risk of losing the information like when using Excel documents.


You can add an unlimited number of users no matter the plan you choose.
The acces of each user can be set up to the smallest detail from actions one can take to the data one can see.


By using the PROFESSIONAL plan you can add an unlimited number of companies with contact information, comments, notes and tags.
These can be grouped and associated to the users already registered. Companies can be manually added or imported from tables from documents in .xls type.


As was in the case of companies, by using the PROFESSIONAL plan you can add an unlimited number of contacts. Choosing the BASIC plan, you can add up to 1000 companies and / or contacts. Contacts can be set up as independents ( private citizens ) or associated as contact responsbiles to one of the companies which are already registered.


You can manually add or import the products which you want to sell from documents which contain tables in .xls format.
To every added product you can set different attributes, some mandatory (name, price, VAT value ) or some optional such as: purchase price, maximum discount, loyalty credits and so on in order to have a detailed image of what you are selling and to help you generate the best reports.


Based on the products already added, you can simply and rapidly make customized deals.
Why is it simple? The deal which you are making is registered as an online order: you can add products in the cart, you can set the quantity, you can optionally add discount and you can associate them to a company or to a contact from the data base.
That's it!


The client accepted your deal!
With 1 click, based on the initial offer/deal, you can issue the invoice for your client.

*The right to issue invoices can be set up only for the desired users!


You can set up an alert to each company and contact in such a way that you will never forget to call a client, to make a deal, to send an email or any other important aspect in the relationship with your partners.


Every relantionship with a client is followed by unexpected things more or less important. Don't let an important thing unresolved.
Set up a ticket and assigned it to the responsible users reducing the time which you devote to manage the complaints and, also, improving the clients' gratification.


You can add multiple notes to each company, contact or ticket and therefore, you will not lose any information from your clients.


If by now you were using tables in .xls documents, you shouldn't worry. With only a few clicks you can simply and rapidly import companies, contacts and products.


Companies and contacts can be exported in .xls documents. Once you get familiar with MEMO CRM, there is no reason you might go back to your tables in .xls documents, but we develop this function also.


Smart search function will help you to rapidly and easily find the needed information.
You enter the text which you are looking for (ex.a few letters from the company's name, a phone number, an email and so on ), and the smart algorithm will return you the best results sorted in the relevant order.


Do you have a rich portofolio of products?
You just need to click on a few buttons and import new products, update their prices or update other characteristics such as the maximal discount or the commission you give to your sales agents for each product.


You can sort the products by price, commission or the number of sold products.
When you access the page of the product, you will permanently know to which it was supplied to, in what invoice it is billed and the total number of sold units!


Probably, by using address books or tables in .xls documents, you already ran into situations where 2 agents are discussing with a client without knowing it.
When you use MEMO CRM, you will constantly know who, what and when it was discussed with every client and all of these situations will be ruled out.


You can set up loyalty credits to each product.
You can assign a certain value to each loyalty credit.Based on the billed products, each client can accumulate loyalty credits which they can later be turned into discounts to the upcoming orders and, therefore, you can increase the recurrence of the orders made by your clients.
The number of loyalty credits summed up and their value calculate automatically.


Do you use the PROFESSIONAL plan and do you have a user who no longer works in your company?
There no problem, you don't have to pay extra for it because only with a few clicks the data added by it can be deleted or relocated to another user.
You pay exactly for how many users operate in MEMO CRM.


Any aspect which it is not measured, it can not be improved.
At MEMO CRM, with a few clicks you can create various reports from the number of contacts added to the deals made or the billed invoices.
Reports can be generated on various timeframes.
With these reports you can make the best decisions in the relationship with your clients and, also, in the development of your business.


MEMO CRM is a software which it can be managed by all the employees in a company.
You can give acces rights to each user in order to visualise and execute only those tasks in which it is being directly involved.

General Manager

You permanently know what happens in your company.
You can always verify the reports regarding the employees activity and therefore, you can take the best actions in due time.
If an employee resigns or is being fired, his workflow information will remain registered in MEMO CRM and thereby, the new colleague will take over and continue the job.

Sales Manager

A good Sales Manager must properly manage the sales team.
At MEMO CRM you can permanently observe the results of your team, the clients to whom they are discussing, how many deals they have created, how many deals they have won, how many deals they have lost, the reason why they lost a deal and so on.
Stop wasting your time by generating reports when they can be automatically made.

Sales Agents

A good customer relantionship management software is the strongest tool for a sales agent.
In order to succesfully close a deal, you need to get to know better the client thus your deal adjust to its expectations.
At MEMO CRM these pieces of information are a few clicks away.

Financial Department

In MEMO CRM software, you can issue an invoice with only one click based on a previous deal made by a sales agent.
You can register payments, track overdue invoices and download a customer sheet, all of that in a simple and fast way.
MEMO CRM eases up on your work.

Human Resources Department

You can generate detailed reports in MEMO CRM about the whole activity of the company's employees.
Based on the generated reports, you can observe in real time what each employee is doing, if he reached his KPI's, what are his strenghts or where he needs to improve his skills.

Marketing Department

The colleagues from the sales department register information about clients, deals, the sold products or the reasons why some deals are lost.
With these pieces of information only 1 click away, you can make the best marketing campaigns for the clients of the company.

Purchase Department

You can observe in real time at MEMO CRM what products are being sold, in what quantity and therefore, you can make smart purchases by efficiently structuring the stocks.

Logistics Department

In real time, you can find out what bills were issued, which are their delivery addresses and who is the contact person responsible for receiving the order.

Front Office Staff

You will permanently know who is calling, from what company and who is in charge with the client.
MEMO CRM is really facilitating the work for the front office staff.


Start with the BASIC plan which is FREE, you can test it as long as you need it. If it suits your company, you can upgrade at any time to the PROFESSIONAL plan.


The MEMO CRM software' clarity and simplicity are also shown in the pricing.
You will not find at MEMO CRM complex pricing levels, limitation for the testing period for the BASIC plan or other hidden costs. You can add and delete users and thus, you can pay exactly for the number of users who are using the program.



per user
per month

  • You don't pay ANYTHING
  • Unlimited Users
  • 1000 de Prospects Companies and Contacts
  • 100 Products
  • Unlimited Deals
  • Unlimited Invoices
  • Unlimited Alerts
  • Unlimited Tickets
  • Import Companies
  • Import Contacts
  • Import Products
  • Export Companies
  • Export Contacts
  • Detailed Reports




  • Monthly Price / User
  • Unlimited Users
  • Prospects Companies and Contacts without limits
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Deals
  • Unlimited Invoices
  • Unlimited Alerts
  • Unlimited Tickets
  • Import Companies
  • Import Contacts
  • Import Products
  • Export Companies
  • Export Contacts
  • Detailed Reports



Do you need more functions than the ones available in the PROFESSIONAL plan?

Write briefly what you additionally want and how many users are going to use MEMO CRM and we will get back to you with a personalised deal based on your needs.


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